Pink October

It’s been a while since I blogged an entry, but this entry is to proudly inform that, in light of my various recent announcements on Instagram, I have indeed collected & donated a portion of Rogue Nights proceeds, totaling $417.04, (through my Rogue Hearts Foundation) for the month of October 2019, to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to promote breast cancer awareness & support the fight against breast cancer.

Now, for the next month(s), or throughout this upcoming holiday season, I am directing my fundraising efforts to assist The Orphaned Starfish Foundation, which is dedicated to helping orphans, victims of abuse, survivors of trafficking, indigenous children & at-risk youth break their cycles of abuse & poverty through technology based eduction, job training and job placement assistance. I consider this charity a little more personal, I am focusing the funds raised for this periods towards OSF’s program in the Philippines, my home country.

I wish to thank you for supporting my events, and know that each time you attend or make reservations, a part of that is going towards a good cause.

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Newsletter: Rogue East- Love, Summer at the Maidstone, St. Barth’s Hamptons Gala hosted by Charlotte McKinney + Gitano Sunset Brunch, etc

What a busy weekend it’s seems to be. In the beginning of this season, I thought I was only going to take on one (1) project (which is The Maidstone (see my Love, Summer post). But recently, I’ve been asked to take on a few more projects, so I’ve decided to setup a new section in my website called-

Rogue East

Basically, this is a seasonal guide on all events & happenings in The Hamptons that I’ve been asked to get involved with. This year, it will just be a small compilation, to test out my bandwidth; but, I do anticipate a more expansive content next year. Meantime, check it out & hope you can join us if you’re out East.

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Love, Summer

“Love, Summer” is my main campaign in the Hamptons for this season, which involves my weekly programming of events at The Maidstone, the only boutique hotel in East Hampton, as it celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary this Summer. Check out our events there this weekend:

Click image if you Love, Summer

St. Barth’s Hamptons Gala

If you’re out East, come support the St. Barth’s Gala, hosted by Charlotte McKinney:

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Gitano Sunset Brunch

If you’re in NYC this weekend, our Saturday Sunset Brunch party at Gitano Jungle Room is still going strong. The online community ASmallWorld will be co-hosting this Saturday.

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Picks Magazine

Finally, I’ve added a new online lifestyle magazine compilation called “PICKS”, onto the Rogue Life section of my website. Basically, it’s just a collection of current lifestyle articles I found interesting, as content for your lazy reading pleasure.

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Picks: a Lifestyle Magazine of Curated Articles

Update on my condition: Doctors said I don’t need surgery – they just put me on a regimen of antibiotics & keeping me overnight. #freeruby

Meantime, I spent my hospital time curating a collection of lifestyle articles into a new online magazine called “Picks”, powered by the Flipboard app.

CLICK HERE to check out my inaugural issue.

Lightyear’s solar car aka Cover image of my inaugural Picks mag

The Rubicam Chronicles 06/25/19: Hospital

(This is a real-time blog report)

12:07am. So I went to the ER last night (referred by my urgent care to run a wider spectrum of tests), & I ended up being admitted, currently awaiting surgery for an appendectomy. Just my luck.

I was supposed to have a business lunch, a business coffee & a business dinner, the latter possibly leading to a promising business opportunity, all later today. Lousy freaking timing.

Diagonally across me was an older man, naked, shouting to her nurse, “do you know who I am? Do you know who I am?”

My friend standing guard over my helpless body while awaiting surgery.

“I think I just saw his balls,” says my friend, who came straight from an afterparty (what else?) to visit me. Later on, she overheard, through the closest wall, another patient complaining that he’s been constipated for over three weeks.

Luckily, I decided to bring both my iPad & my iPhone so I’m not as bored, awaiting surgery, while I update my blog about the latest, amusing shit that is my life.

Of course, I check my email & I get an invitation from my insurance company to its Summer block party.

You can’t make this shit up.

At this point, I just hope I wake up with my penis intact.

– – – – –

I passed out after my friend left. And three hours later …

The ER is buzzing!

… with unwanted activity:

Constipated guy just caused “an incident” in the bathroom (that I use), drawing every staff in the area & screaming he’s in pain. Good thing I just went, as I just overheard them call maintenance (at least, I hope, he’s no longer constipated).

Consequently, another patient across the room just hurled loudly.

My health plan’s summer block party invite.

Newsletter: National Rose Day + The Blond + Gitano Saturdays Sunset Brunch Party, etc

It’s been a while since my last blog newsletter, so forgive me as I have been quite the busy bee for your lifestyle needs, working on several new projects that I want to invite you to:

National Rose Day

On behalf of our client, The Maidstone, owned by Jonathan and Jenny Baker, please join as at their boutique hotel in East Hampton for their inaugural National Rose Day celebration on June 8th. We invite you to come sip rose, enjoy refreshments, rose-themed activations and celebrate this perfectly pink summer holiday at their beautiful hotel grounds along with The DAILY Front Row.
Saturday, June 8th
1pm – 5pm

#NationalRoseDay #TheMaidstone #MaidstoneRoseDay

Please RSVP to email indicated on invite, & cc me & write Ruben / Rogue Nights as reference.

Wednesdays at The Blond

Last Wednesday, we previewed our new weekly Wednesday party & it was definitely a fun start.

Please come join the fun every Wednesday. Kindly email me for reservations.

Saturdays Gitano Sunset Brunch party

Click here for more details about our sexy new Saturday daytime soiree.

The Rubicam Chronicles 1.7

It’s been an eventful several weeks since my last entry- I attended several influencer events in between my own parties:

1) the launch of my friend Michela’s new gallery at her boutique store uptown, The Artist Outpost

2) the launch of Cloud Water at Alley Cat

3) the opening of a new Alphabet City restaurant Lamia’s Fish Market at the old Le Souk spot – stay tuned for more Le Souk & Lamia Fish Market news

4) the opening of Casa Bocado at the old Esther & Carroll spot

5) and a party that was, literally, for the dogs – stay tuned for an adorable monthly dog party

I also hosted successful screenings for the Game of Thrones finale at Savage Lounge – we look forward to programming more movie screenings this Summer.

Many of these events I attended to seek inspiration, strengthen my friendships & hoping to collaborate with my hardworking, talented group of friends and create some fun, new events & experiences in the near future. Stay tuned for details!

National Rose Day at The Maidstone in East Hampton

On behalf of our client, The Maidstone, owned by Jonathan and Jenny Baker, please join us at their boutique hotel in East Hampton for their inaugural National Rose Day celebration on June 8th. We invite you to come sip rose, enjoy refreshments, rose-themed activations and celebrate this perfectly pink summer holiday at their beautiful hotel grounds along with The DAILY Front Row.
Saturday, June 8th
1pm – 5pm
#NationalRoseDay #TheMaidstone #MaidstoneRoseDay
Please RSVP to email indicated on invite & cc me & use Ruben / Rogue Nights as reference.

Saturdays Sunset Brunch at Gitano

This past Saturday, we successfully previewed our NEW Saturday Sunset Brunch at Gitano Jungle Room.

During the next few weeks, we will be adding more programming to this party. Located in The James Hotel in Soho, Gitano JR is certainly one of the sexiest indoor-outdoor venues I have been and worked at, as this recap video can attest:

Click here to view on IGTV

Click here to view on YouTube

Join us every Saturday this Summer in NYC. Kindly email us for reservations & inquiries.

The Artist Outpost: Erotic Feminism

Thursday, May 16

Last week, I attended the grand opening of The Artist Outpost’s Art gallery, located below TAO’s boutique store, featuring the launch of the Erotic Feminism art exhibition. Boutique store owner & gallery curator Michela Tebano organized quite a successful turnout, a testament to her passion and commitment to establish this little oasis of fashion & culture, in what seems to be a gentrifying neighborhood still in its infancy.

Click here to view event video recap on IGTV

Click here to view event video recap on YouTube

(I edited the video using original music composed by my friend The Pimptronot. Click here to view his song’s music video.)

For the Dogs

Wednesday, May 16

When it rains it pours.

Last week, my friend Jackie (that’s her in the picture above, with Luna) invited me to a birthday party for her dog Luna, at her WeWork office for her PR company.

Jackie lovingly organized a bunch of doggie products from her various Pr clients, and put together a lovely gathering amongst friends & family.

I decided to bring my pug buddy Teddy to join the party. Of course, he made some video highlights.

Click here to view video recap on IGTV

Click here to view video recap on YouTube

Teddy & I we’re also invited by VIP Host Jefferson Agar for a Puppy Spa party during Profundo Swim Club’s Opening week. If you wish to attend, here’s the invite:

The Love and Sunset Weekend

Events this Weekend

You are cordially invited to join us for a fun-filled Rogue Nights weekend:

  • Friday: The Art Lounge (DONE)
  • Saturday: The Love Brunch & Sunset Rooftop Party
  • Sunday: Game of Thrones Viewing Experience

CLICK HERE for details & RSVP

– – – – –

Events and Product Launches

Over the past month, I’ve been hitting a variety of different events supporting my New York Nightlife family. I’ve taken & edited amateur footage documenting said events, such as

(To be continued)

– – – – –

Hamptons Roll Call

Do you have plans to go out East this Summer? Let us know & we’ll give you rundown of what we’re working on for this upcoming season.