National Rose Day at The Maidstone in East Hampton

On behalf of our client, The Maidstone, owned by Jonathan and Jenny Baker, please join us at their boutique hotel in East Hampton for their inaugural National Rose Day celebration on June 8th. We invite you to come sip rose, enjoy refreshments, rose-themed activations and celebrate this perfectly pink summer holiday at their beautiful hotel grounds along with The DAILY Front Row.
Saturday, June 8th
1pm – 5pm
#NationalRoseDay #TheMaidstone #MaidstoneRoseDay
Please RSVP to email indicated on invite & cc me & use Ruben / Rogue Nights as reference.

Newsletter: The Love Bazaar + Rubipalooza Update

The Love Bazaar

Welcome to The Love Bazaar, at The Delancey, 168 Delancey Street

You are cordially invited to join us this Thursday, March 28, to the Love Bazaar at The Delancey, a monthly Art & Photography Showcase, featuring:

  • Live art, Exhibits, Installations, etc
  • Photography Showcase
  • Champagne Reception 10pm to 11pm
  • Digital Gift Bag

For more details click here

FREE Admission with Early bird tickets, click here to RSVP

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Rubipalooza Update

CLICK HERE for the latest in next week’s Rubipalooza celebration.

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The Maidstone Hotel

The Maidstone Hotel in East Hampton

It’s 3:39 pm on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. I am headed out to the Hamptons, East Hampton, specifically, to check out The Maidstone Hotel. I’m supposed to do a site visit as part of an event consulting project that I’m doing for the owner, Jonathan Baker, & my friend Kelly Brady, who is handing the hotel’s PR.

I’m starting this entry on the Ambassador bus, but I suspect that I will finish it when I arrive at the hotel.

• – – – – – – –

5:07 pm

I am now checked-in in what I think is one of their loveliest rooms. It’s a ground level room with a wonderful window view of the outside backyard, as well as a large old-fashioned bathtub, perfect for one of my relaxing bath. The Maidstone’s owner seems to be a Renaissance-man of sorts, as he is a filmmaker, as well as producing his own brand of beauty products, one of whom is an aromatherapy bath product that I just put to good use.

Mental note to stock up on some of these products to take home. But now to find manager to get my work here started.

• – – – –

A few hours later

This is a wonderful boutique hotel. The restaurant serves top notch fine dining. I toured the property with Carol, the manager. Later that evening, I snuck in a solo tour of the backyard under a cloudy sky. They have three (3) cottage dwellings, which are their most expensive, romantic & attractive rooms.

I would highly recommend this hotel overall as a summer Hamptons stay.

As for my doing some work here, well, like any venue, each comes with its own set of challenges, but I’m looking forward to figuring out a solid game plan so that I hope I can personally welcome you to the Hamptons within these premises this Summer.

Click on image to view more pictures & website info

Current Mood: 04/29/18

This mix by my buddy Lee Kalt thus far seems to hit the spot as far as how I’m feeling today (aka Good vibes).

Since I’m in that kind of mood, this post will be a little bit more amorphous …

I just got off the phone with my Mode Culture Magazine partner & editor, Melody.  We’ve been having some issues with filling deadlines and communication problems we’ve taking turns being at fault, due to travel, frustrations and feeling the blues.

But we both have since recovered, and, after a few productive conversations this evening, I am happy to announce that Mode Culture, will finally have our long-awaited second issue release, either May 15 or 16.  Save one of those dates.  Details to follow.

(This electro version of “Hotel California”…omg!)

During my slight period of depression, I cancelled my plans to celebrate my birthday finale in Miami.  It turned out to be the right thing to do anyways, since a few weeks had passed since my actual birthday.  And I wasn’t fully prepared with my invitations and birthday program.

Finally, I shook off my doldrums and took a small group of lovely friends upstate to my friend’s estate, to celebrate the opening of his 100-car garage.  WTF is a 100-garage?  Out of respect, I’m not posting any pictures, but I saw more Ferraris and Lambos than all of the James Bond films combined.  If you don’t believe me, you can ask a few hundred of your fellow New Yorkers who had also attended.

(Never heard nor expected “Paradise City” played in this arrangement, until I heard Lee played this last year at the double-yacht party in the Hamptons, which is probably when this mix was made).

Double-yacht party

(See I wasn’t lying about the double-yachts)

Ok, time to sign off, I gotta get ready for my SINS party at Sapphire.  After my party at The Box this Tuesday, I’m putting a lot of my focus from the middle of the week on, to a strange pairing of Cinco de Mayo and The Kentucky Derby this Saturday.  If you’re around, please join us a “Cinco de Derby Day” at Magic Hour at The Moxy.

Click on the picture below to see my (key) Events of the Week:

Rogue Events of the Week

If you wish to RSVP or want more details, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for reading. And thank you, Lee Kalt, for putting this mix on and bringing the good vibes.