Suforia App: Explained

If you been reading my posts for the past few weeks, you’ve probably are aware that I’ve been involved with a new lifestyle app called Suforia.

So what exactly is it? What are the benefits, etc.

Click on image to download Suforia app & enter code “IZ504116”

Well, granted it does sound like a faraway magical land, but it does have quite a few tricks up its sleeve:

Staffing & Event Planning

Suforia was originally designed to provide staffing for events, talent & other resources one would need to execute such events. In this capacity, the app can assist the client as an event planner & talent resource. Suforia & its support team, including yours truly, is more than happy to assist you in any event that you need any form of assistance, whether a la carte or coordinating the whole shindig.

Jobs App

As we start building our roster of clients, we will need to continuously recruit a growing team of event staffers. Suforia is unique in that it also addresses the supply of qualified workers to meet whatever demand and job requirements being put forth. It is with this in mind that the Suforia system was also designed to be jobs provider, primarily in terms of model staffing.

If you are looking for extra work in this area, with flexible hours, kindly contact us for consideration.

Concierge Service

Besides their event needs, clients may have other requests in terms of sourcing. Due to our expansive hospitality network, Suforia also functions as a concierge app, as sometimes these fall within the wide scope of hospitality & lifestyle.

Whether its concert tickets, travel, hotel, club, restaurant reservations, coordinating a travel or outing, etc., Suforia can leverage its significant hospitality network to cater to most any client’s needs.

VIP Events Access App

Again, because of its network, Suforia will be privy to and listing a robust events calendar, providing exclusive or VIP access at leveraged or competitive values.


For example, we are able to offer VIP access at an exclusive discounted rate for this year’s SCOPE art show in New York.

In the coming weeks, we should have an exciting portfolio of exclusive events to offer you.

Hotel Discount App

As a major benefit to being a Suforia member, we offer a hotel discount platform, which is currently available only on the Suforia website. You need to download the app & become a member in order to view our discounts & compare it to pricing elsewhere.

Perks App

Suforia will also continue to curate & offer other perks such as a WeWork exclusive offer, and eventually a whole more in the near future.

And so it goes in the land of Suforia, its namesake lifestyle app who would be king.

(NOTE: Click here to download Suforia app & input code ‘IZ504116‘)

– – – – –

Rogue Nights Website New Features

Later on this newsletter, we’ll showcase some of the new updates we’ve added to our Rogue Nights website, namely our Contacts page also now has a Subscribe button, for those who may have gotten a hold of our newsletters here & there, and are now hooked & want regular access.

The second update is that we’ve made our Rogue Life section more accessible & easier for us to curate, with enticing nightlife & hospitality related news & other content.

The Fleur Room

You can get a first read on what is going to be one of the most iconic celebrity hotspots in recent memory: The Fleur Room. There’s also a few job listings of nightlife positions, if you are looking for work. And a Netflix Casting.

Scope NYC 2019

Current Mood:

Listening to my friend …

Rich Greene’s aka DJ Reflex’ new music video “El Centro”, with Max Barker

… while writing this blog.

I didn’t have much footage to work with, & not much time then, but while he posted his latest track, “El Centro“, on Spotify, he didn’t have a music video attached. So, I quickly swiped some of his videos on IG & spliced it with some Club & other footage I can easily access from my phone.

Took about 45 minutes, all done from zee iPhone. Nothing too crazy, but something I can attach the music to & can reboot at a later time.

SCOPE NYC 2019 x Suforia – click image to view full video


March 7-10 is the SCOPE NYC 2019 Art Show.

To get exclusive discounts on VIP tickets for this art event:

Download the Suforia app & use the code


Suforia also provides you with exclusive access to other VIP events, global hotel discounts (currently available only on website), & more.

The Rubicam Chronicles 1.2

Tales of NYC Nightlife & the Life of Ruben

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The Rubicam Chronicles 1.2

(Continued from THIS ENTRY)


The first club I ever promoted was called Bar 16 on the West Side. I believe the DJ was Erick LaPeau. Twenty years later, we both still cranking.

The next club I promoted was Jet Lounge, where I believe a perennial nightlife mainstay, Adam Cooper was the manager. Jet was busy and a hot crowd. But it was that time where I wanted to do something on my own.

Jet was playing the regular Top 40 set. At the time, I had gotten into house music, so I wanted a party with that kind of vibe. What I had gotten instead was trance music. I thought to myself, close enough & sounds good.

It was a week or two later, at one of my favorite hangout spots, Tenth Street Lounge, that I met this DJ called DJ Stymie, who I thought was playing a phenomenal spiritual dance music set, which I soon found out was called trance.

I befriended Stymie, and later on, agreed to play for me at some future party. I was so excited, I thought I scored a coup- my first DJ recruit.

My promoter mentor, & first partner, called himself Joey Casanova. And that’s because the ladies love him, or so he says. Joey is a great guy, good person & great friend. While he was far from his namesake, he was always brimming with confidence, and with that, we secured our first venue promoters: Jet 19, which was Jet Lounge’s sister venue on Kenmare Square.

Again I invited my co-workers from work, and again they came in droves. Stymie was my first DJ booking & our party was packed, a rousing success. I was inspired to become a trance party promoter in New York City.

The year was 1998.

– – – – – – – – – –


It is Monday night, the last weekend of February. I am sitting in one lonely corner of a dark, gritty bar in Alphabet City, partially lit by the street light outside on Avenue A. One of the few times that I am out in the city, hanging out & not promoting.

Here, in this place, I run into a never-ending roll call of industry people who work in New York City nightlife, friends that I have known within the past twenty years:

  • Rocco – the one person I know that has done parties much longer than me
  • DJ Omi – at one point, she was Karl Lagerfeld’s DJ; but she was also the second DJ I ever hired, as she was easy on the eyes, fashionable & versatile as a DJ who can play both house & hiphop; Omi was my resident dj at this called Eden, where Destiny’s Child (over here B!) performed on opening night, right there in the middle of the crowd, with Pink & Christina Aguilera in attendance. Later on, Omi also was one of my residents at a club that I owned & christened, Retreat
  • Chad Love – always enigmatic as an artist, inventor, producer, etc; it’ll probably another six months when I see him next, after his concert in Berlin
  • Victoria Hilton – a fierce & fabulous nightlife host, doorman or denizen
  • Jake Lang – social media junkie & hopeless scoundrel, one of the next generation of nightlife degenerates that I have faith in keeping the fire burning dirty

to name a few.

In between conversations, I slink back into my phone to update my graphics & websites, a bad habit I am known for when everyone else is socializing around me; but if you can whip up a flyer or update a website right on your phone, it’s almost a rare skill to not exercise & save time & labor costs. And, as inferred from my last blog posts, the time for wasting time has already been wasted this year. There is no more time to waste- several projects in the horizon beckon.

Tonight’s Monday flyer for Drop Off Service

This relatively new weekly industry party is the brainchild of my longtime friends DJ Bobby Blaze & artist Eddy Bogaert. I came by to show my support for these old crazy cats, as well as to recruit them for an upcoming event brand that Jake & I are developing, as well as a separate project I need Eddy’s skills as an artist & a curator.

It’s almost 2am. I have been here since 11pm, almost three hours, which is almost twice the time I had originally planned for this visit. But it was worth. To see all these familiar, devilish faces, in a long-forgotten area of this sinful city, brimming with laughter, love and attitude, like the drunken bohemians of old.

Here, there is no door policy, since it’s all New York nightlife industry friends, and we all know each other; there is no dress code, it’s fucking Alphabet City bro; there is no promoter table or comp bottles for “models” and bottle rats– we actually have to go to the bar and happily pay for our drinks; there is no bathroom attendant to knock on the door if you’ve been in there too long, & not alone, to pay a buck each time for a sheet of paper towel you can otherwise grab yourself (yes, it saves you a little money, but please respectfully keep a mental timer, as there are other folks lining up to use the bathrooms (and some of them actually have to pee!)).

In here, we all talk our hustles, our musings, our regrets, our fears & hopes. In here, I am with the beautiful, sexy cockroaches of New York nightlife– friends. In here, life is beautiful.

In here, I am home.

And the Academy Award goes to …

Well it’s been a while since my last entry, I just been kinda bouncing around, still trying to get a foothold on 2019. And I think I’m starting to find my handle. Just in time for Oscar season.

Oscar Red Carpet Access

Whereas last week, I was able to offer & sell red carpet access to the Grammies, starting at $5K per ticket, the Oscar red carpet that I had were much pricier (I’m not even gonna say it here- but if you really wanna know then DM me) & not as amenable to your checkbook.

Granted, you get to ride in a limo with & seat next to an actual Oscar nominee– a once in a lifetime social media bonanza.

But if you decide to go Gaga & cash in your 401K to chill with Bradley & Natalie, hit me up.

That said, our Oscar access is one of a growing series of Special Events we are carefully curating for you. Even if you’re just window shopping, please check it out. I think it’s getting sexier every other day, as we come across something cool to add (I hope we can keep it up 😢):

Click on image to view actual Rogue Nights Special Events page for current listing or updates


Click on image to download the Suforia app and email us to get your registration code.

I am pleased to announce that Rogue Nights has partnered up with NEW lifestyle app SUFORIA, to help us expand our scope of services.

During its initial rollout, Suforia will be offering a members-only pricing for VIP Access to the upcoming SCOPE NYC 2019 Art Festival, as well as curated experiences for the OSCARS 2019 & the Kentucky Derby 2019.

Suforia also offers Worldwide members-only pricing and cash back on HOTELS. Unfortunately, this platform is not yet available on the app, but is accessible on the website. Within our platform you can also get a price comparison so you get an idea how competitive our pricing is. Come take it for a test drive or start planning your summer vacation(s): Simply download the app or sign up online (since it’s a members-only platform, you need to email me for the registration code).

In future rollouts, the app will offer staffing services, venue & event bookings & more select experiences for you to enjoy. Stay tuned for updates.