Glimpses of Summer

Here is a look back at The Influencer Brunch held this past July 20, 2019 at The Maidstone:

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And last Saturday, August 3, we hosted the AB Gallery NY & Veterinarians International afterparties:

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This weekend, our Love, Summer affair continues with our weekend schedule of events:

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Click here for Sunday Sunset Grill & Games

We look forward to seeing you!

The Rubicam Chronicles 1.7 – A Hamptons Rogue Ops

August 03, 2019

Due to my crazy schedule, this weekend I pulled off one of my crazy fly-byRogue ops“.

3 p.m.

I took the Saturday 3pm Jitney to Southampton, arriving 5pm. I checked in with the Jitney desk to see if they found my Kindle Fire that I lost on their bus the weekend prior. With no luck on that, I took an Uber to East Hampton, grabbed some sushi at Citarella, a creamy vanilla ice cream on a waffle at a local ice cream shop, then headed over to …

AB Gallery NY Art Show

7 p.m.

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My artist friend, William Quigley, was throwing a collaborative art show at his gallery in East Hampton:

I was helping with the marketing of this exhibit. It’s been about a decade since I last did an event with Quig- I threw his first ever Skrapper fashion show at Hiro Ballroom (which is now Tao Downtown). So, it was good to work with him again.

Click on video above to see footage of the event.

10 p.m.

AB Gallery Art Show Afterparty at The Maidstone

Afterwards, I arranged for Quigley’s event to have an afterparty at nearby Maidstone, which turned out to be a great, chill lounge vibe:

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I/we ended up staying longer than expected, as another old friend from ten years ago came to visit me. We decided to hit another spot for a nightcap.

Artist William Quigley with Maidstone curator Angelica Morrow

2 a.m.

  • The Black Eyed Peas + Jamie Foxx at Southampton Social Club

  • Sunday, August 4
  • We decided to come here because my friend’s friend wanted to meet up with a girl that he wanted to hook up with. We met up with the girl in the venue’s outdoor area, but then the DJ booth inside was suddenly jumping with activity. I went back inside and realized that it was …
  • Click video to see footage of The Black Eyed Peas & Jamie Foxx
  • I was wondering whether this was an official or impromptu performance. Regardless, I remembered that they were in town for the Apollo fundraiser earlier that evening:
  • I was waiting at the bar for my crew when I ran into Apl of the Black Eyed Peas. We know each other from hanging out in NYC. We chatted for a few minutes before he went back to his table. It was good seeing him as well, since it’s been almost a year.
  • 4:45 a.m.

    We left Southampton Social around 4am. My buddy went back to Montauk with his friend & his date, while I split off to catch the Jitney back to NYC. There were a few pretty ladies waiting at the bus stop. I figured that they were waitresses working the Hamps for the weekend, heading back into the city after work. I was wondering which venue it may be, when I ran into …

    Me & Pedro, who works at Tao Group venues during the week

    My friend Pedro, bartender & barback extraordinaire, whom I generally knew to work with Tao Group properties in New York City. It turns out that he also works at Calissa in Southampton, along with the waitresses who were also on our bus. Mystery solved.

    7:30 a.m.

    I’m finally back in NYC, so that I can meet my mom & pickup …


    Love, Summer: This Weekend at The Maidstone in East Hampton 08/01-08/04/19

    The Maidstone Weekly Schedule

    This weekend at The Maidstone, you are cordially invited to join our ongoing celebration of Summer.

    Our Events this Week:

    August 01

    Thursday Night at The Maidstone, 9pm

    Music curated by

    Angelica Morrow

    Guest Music by

    Tom Wardle

    Click here to RSVP

    August 02-03

    Weekend Vibes at The Maidstone, 10pm

    Join us for late night bites & vibes, along with our guest musical curators & hosts

    Click here to RSVP

    (25% of net ticket sales to benefit

    August 03

    Hamptons Most Stylish, 5:30pm

    Kindly RSVP to email listed on invitation

    AB Gallery NY Art Show Afterparty, 10pm

    Click image to RSVP

    Click here for more details about the AB Gallery NY Art Show

    (25% of afterparty net ticket sales to benefit

    August 04

    Sunday Grill & Games, Sunset BBQ

    Join us for Sunset BBQ & outdoor games!

    Click here to RSVP

    (25% of net ticket sales to benefit

    The Artist Outpost: Erotic Feminism

    Thursday, May 16

    Last week, I attended the grand opening of The Artist Outpost’s Art gallery, located below TAO’s boutique store, featuring the launch of the Erotic Feminism art exhibition. Boutique store owner & gallery curator Michela Tebano organized quite a successful turnout, a testament to her passion and commitment to establish this little oasis of fashion & culture, in what seems to be a gentrifying neighborhood still in its infancy.

    Click here to view event video recap on IGTV

    Click here to view event video recap on YouTube

    (I edited the video using original music composed by my friend The Pimptronot. Click here to view his song’s music video.)

    The Love and Sunset Weekend

    Events this Weekend

    You are cordially invited to join us for a fun-filled Rogue Nights weekend:

    • Friday: The Art Lounge (DONE)
    • Saturday: The Love Brunch & Sunset Rooftop Party
    • Sunday: Game of Thrones Viewing Experience

    CLICK HERE for details & RSVP

    – – – – –

    Events and Product Launches

    Over the past month, I’ve been hitting a variety of different events supporting my New York Nightlife family. I’ve taken & edited amateur footage documenting said events, such as

    (To be continued)

    – – – – –

    Hamptons Roll Call

    Do you have plans to go out East this Summer? Let us know & we’ll give you rundown of what we’re working on for this upcoming season.

    The Art Lounge at Savage + New Rooftop Brunch and Sunset party + Game of Thrones Luxury Viewing Experience

    Greetings Rubicammers,

    I hope you’re having a productive week, as I am- we are pleased to offer you three (3) unique event experiences, one for each day of this upcoming weekend, starting with:

    The Art Lounge

    at Savage Lounge NYC

    Friday, May 10

    You are invited to The Art Lounge experience.

    What is The Art Lounge?

    The Art Lounge is our new, bi-monthly concept of a multi-media art showcase, featuring works by multiple artists & photographers exhibiting paintings, doing live art or installations, photography or visual showcases, within cocktail party setting, alongside a real VIP nightclub setting.

    The goal is to make the nightlife experience a little more meaningful by adding a cultural purpose to supplement the musical and social components of the typical lounge or nightclub scene.

    Here’s is a proof of concept video taken from our preview event:

    Click here to view IGTV version

    Click here to view YouTube version

    Kindly DM4Reservations.

    – – – – – – – – – –
    Click image to view video invite

    The Love Brunch & Sunset Party

    at DL

    Saturday, May 11

    You are invited to a new rooftop brunch & sunset experience.

    Combining the elements of a sexy rooftop venue, audio & visual within a bottomless brunch & sunset party concept, we hope to add this unique, innovative, & fun alternative to LES rooftop scene.


    • $50 Bottomless brunch (includes drinks & entree)
    • Music by Bobby Ishak & special guests
    • Live art by Eddy Bogeart & guest artists
    • Creative visuals
    • Live photoshoots
    • Value tables & drink packages
    • and more!

    For more info &/or to purchase bottomless brunch packages, please visit

    For table service & all other inquiries, kindly DM us.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Game of Thrones:

    Luxury Viewing Experience

    at Savage Lounge NYC

    Sunday, May 12

    Click on image for full details on our GoT viewing experience

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    Thank You

    Periodically, I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone in my network for your continued support. And, in turn, we strive to continually provide everyone with unique events & bespoke service experiences.

    Newsletter: Rubipalooza is here

    (and yes, I’m dancing on the video below…)

    So, we’re starting off my actual birthday with our usual Tuesday night antics…

    Tuesday, April 02

    Rogue Bites at Jue Lan Club

    Click image to view video invite

    Join us for food & drinks at our weekly Tuesday pregame networking party, starting around 9:30pm.$

    Afterwards, it’s …

    The Box Tuesdays

    Wednesday, April 03

    Rogue Bites at Pomona & Savage Lounge

    Join us for Happy Hour (6pm, to cater to my 9 to 5ers) & Dinner Party (9:30pm)

    Afterwards, we get things a little heated as we go …

    Scores Underground

    Our sexy midweek sinful pleasure

    Friday, April 04

    Fridays at Marquee

    Depending on my stamina, we may be adding one or two more days (which feeds into my resolution to go back to the gym starting my birthday month). So, stay tuned for details.

    Meantime, message me to RSVP for a birthday festival to remember.

    – – – – –

    Derby Day

    Click here for your Kentucky Derby plans on May 4th

    Plus #Rubicam at the Movies

    – – – – –

    A Lovely Recap

    Find out how our first Love Bazaar event turned out

    A Lovely Recap

    Thank you everyone for getting The Love Bazaar off to a great start. It was a healthy turnout, the vibe was awesome & the venue a good fit for such a collective gathering- both artists and guests seemed to have great interactions.

    We look forward to another one in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for details.

    Meantime, click here to view recap pictures & video(s). I will be adding more stuff over the next few days if you wanna keep checking.

    Now, onto …

    Newsletter: The Love Bazaar + Rubipalooza Update

    The Love Bazaar

    Welcome to The Love Bazaar, at The Delancey, 168 Delancey Street

    You are cordially invited to join us this Thursday, March 28, to the Love Bazaar at The Delancey, a monthly Art & Photography Showcase, featuring:

    • Live art, Exhibits, Installations, etc
    • Photography Showcase
    • Champagne Reception 10pm to 11pm
    • Digital Gift Bag

    For more details click here

    FREE Admission with Early bird tickets, click here to RSVP

    – – – – –

    Rubipalooza Update

    CLICK HERE for the latest in next week’s Rubipalooza celebration.

    – – – – –

    The Maidstone Hotel

    The Maidstone Hotel in East Hampton

    It’s 3:39 pm on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. I am headed out to the Hamptons, East Hampton, specifically, to check out The Maidstone Hotel. I’m supposed to do a site visit as part of an event consulting project that I’m doing for the owner, Jonathan Baker, & my friend Kelly Brady, who is handing the hotel’s PR.

    I’m starting this entry on the Ambassador bus, but I suspect that I will finish it when I arrive at the hotel.

    • – – – – – – –

    5:07 pm

    I am now checked-in in what I think is one of their loveliest rooms. It’s a ground level room with a wonderful window view of the outside backyard, as well as a large old-fashioned bathtub, perfect for one of my relaxing bath. The Maidstone’s owner seems to be a Renaissance-man of sorts, as he is a filmmaker, as well as producing his own brand of beauty products, one of whom is an aromatherapy bath product that I just put to good use.

    Mental note to stock up on some of these products to take home. But now to find manager to get my work here started.

    • – – – –

    A few hours later

    This is a wonderful boutique hotel. The restaurant serves top notch fine dining. I toured the property with Carol, the manager. Later that evening, I snuck in a solo tour of the backyard under a cloudy sky. They have three (3) cottage dwellings, which are their most expensive, romantic & attractive rooms.

    I would highly recommend this hotel overall as a summer Hamptons stay.

    As for my doing some work here, well, like any venue, each comes with its own set of challenges, but I’m looking forward to figuring out a solid game plan so that I hope I can personally welcome you to the Hamptons within these premises this Summer.

    Click on image to view more pictures & website info