The Rubicam Chronicles 1.8 + Friday at Calissa (Hamptons)

For the past ten years, I’ve been fortunate to enjoy the company of good friends & amazing visits to Sag Harbor in the Hamptons.

Last weekend, I did one of those visits within the context of one of my frantic 24-hr “drive-bys”:

I arrived Saturday afternoon in Sag, and we immediately headed to the marina, where our friend Terry picked us up from his small boat, & tender us to our friend Jim’s bigger boat, & go on a sunset cruise.

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After our boating adventure, we headed back to Jim’s house & changed to grab some late night dinner & drinks at my weekly Saturday event at The Maidstone.

We headed back right after dinner for a nighttime swim, before turning in for the night.

In the morning, we had breakfast by the pool, and took a final dip before getting ready to take the train back to New York.

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All within a perfect 24-hour span.

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This Friday, August 16, join us for our Disco Circus event at Calissa, in Watermill, featuring DJ Chris Bachmann, and a special magazine event afterparty – DM for the reveal & RSVP.

Glimpses of Summer

Here is a look back at The Influencer Brunch held this past July 20, 2019 at The Maidstone:

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And last Saturday, August 3, we hosted the AB Gallery NY & Veterinarians International afterparties:

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This weekend, our Love, Summer affair continues with our weekend schedule of events:

Click here for Friday & Saturday events

Click here for Sunday Sunset Grill & Games

We look forward to seeing you!

Newsletter: Hampton’s Most Stylish and other Rogue East events

Hamptons’ Most Stylish- RSVP via email on invite

The dog days of August are here, and our romance with Summer continues with a full slate & variety of events to whet your appetite if you happen to spend it out East this weekend.

Rogue East Events

List of Rogue Nights’ Hamptons Events this Weekend:

PDR Kitchen: Chef’s Table

The Daily Summer: Hamptons’ Most Stylish

AB Gallery Art Show & Afterparty

One Health Benefit & Afterparty

PDR Kitchen: CBD Dinner

The Weekend at The Maidstone

All of these events can be found complete on the Rogue East Events Page.

Charity Component

In conjunction with the AB Gallery NY Art Show, 25% of net ticket sales for any ticketed Maidstone event this weekend to benefit so thank you in advance for your consideration &/or generosity.

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Picks Vols 2 + 3

A curated collection of lifestyle articles compiled into a new online magazine called “Picks”, powered by the Flipboard app.

Mark Baker in Bali, Indonesia

Volume 3: featuring a NY Times profile on a great friend & someone I consider a mentor, Mark Baker

Volume 2: featuring an interview of one of my good friends in hospitality, Dave Delzio

are now out.

Volume 1: (previously published)

A NEW Hamptons Restaurant & Outdoor Lounge: Chef’s Table + CBD Dinner at PDR Kitchen, 08/02-08/03/19

This weekend, newly-opened PDR Kitchen continues it’s preview season in the Hamptons (Watermill, NY) with a series of special dinners:

Friday, 08/02/19

Chef’s Table: Pescatarian, Vegan & Vegetarian specials

Saturday, 08/03/19

CBD Dinner

featuring 7 Leaf Clover product

Email us to RSVP & check out this beautiful new venue & innovative farm-to-table cuisine.

Love, Summer: This Weekend at The Maidstone in East Hampton 08/01-08/04/19

The Maidstone Weekly Schedule

This weekend at The Maidstone, you are cordially invited to join our ongoing celebration of Summer.

Our Events this Week:

August 01

Thursday Night at The Maidstone, 9pm

Music curated by

Angelica Morrow

Guest Music by

Tom Wardle

Click here to RSVP

August 02-03

Weekend Vibes at The Maidstone, 10pm

Join us for late night bites & vibes, along with our guest musical curators & hosts

Click here to RSVP

(25% of net ticket sales to benefit

August 03

Hamptons Most Stylish, 5:30pm

Kindly RSVP to email listed on invitation

AB Gallery NY Art Show Afterparty, 10pm

Click image to RSVP

Click here for more details about the AB Gallery NY Art Show

(25% of afterparty net ticket sales to benefit

August 04

Sunday Grill & Games, Sunset BBQ

Join us for Sunset BBQ & outdoor games!

Click here to RSVP

(25% of net ticket sales to benefit

Newsletter: Rogue East- Love, Summer at the Maidstone, St. Barth’s Hamptons Gala hosted by Charlotte McKinney + Gitano Sunset Brunch, etc

What a busy weekend it’s seems to be. In the beginning of this season, I thought I was only going to take on one (1) project (which is The Maidstone (see my Love, Summer post). But recently, I’ve been asked to take on a few more projects, so I’ve decided to setup a new section in my website called-

Rogue East

Basically, this is a seasonal guide on all events & happenings in The Hamptons that I’ve been asked to get involved with. This year, it will just be a small compilation, to test out my bandwidth; but, I do anticipate a more expansive content next year. Meantime, check it out & hope you can join us if you’re out East.

Click image to visit Rogue East

Love, Summer

“Love, Summer” is my main campaign in the Hamptons for this season, which involves my weekly programming of events at The Maidstone, the only boutique hotel in East Hampton, as it celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary this Summer. Check out our events there this weekend:

Click image if you Love, Summer

St. Barth’s Hamptons Gala

If you’re out East, come support the St. Barth’s Gala, hosted by Charlotte McKinney:

Click image to purchase tickets

Gitano Sunset Brunch

If you’re in NYC this weekend, our Saturday Sunset Brunch party at Gitano Jungle Room is still going strong. The online community ASmallWorld will be co-hosting this Saturday.

Click on image to RSVP

Picks Magazine

Finally, I’ve added a new online lifestyle magazine compilation called “PICKS”, onto the Rogue Life section of my website. Basically, it’s just a collection of current lifestyle articles I found interesting, as content for your lazy reading pleasure.

Click on image for more details & to check out “Picks”